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Shopmobility Basingstoke Trundles 2022

2019 had been a successful year for Trundles

We had four outings.

Firstly we had our Trip to Milestones Museum for afternoon Tea and Cake 8 Scooters took part in this one.

Second Trip was a mystery tour – a new route through some of the back lanes out toward Old Basing, and through Riverdene towards Crabtree before coming back through the Memorial Park with 7 riders taking part

Third Trip was to Oliver’s Fish & Chip Shop in Old Basing, where we all enjoyed a wonderful Lunch. 9 Scooters took the route through the ‘Park, Black Dam Lakes and Crabtree Plantation Reserve to arrive in time for a much needed Lunch

Our final trip of the year was to the Gardens and Lakes before retuning to Shopmo for Tea and Cakes, 8 Scooters enjoyed the afternoon out.

The weather at all four events was kind to use, having taken wet weather gear I’m pleased to say it was not necessary.

A good year all round for our Trundles – with Covid restrictions lifting can we beat our last trundles which took place in 2019?

At Shopmobility Basingstoke our motto is ‘more than just shopping’. So many people think all our customers do in town is shop. They forget there are an abundance of other reasons for coming into town e.g. bank, dentist, doctor, optical, legal services, meeting a friend, gym, cinema.

Shopmobility Basingstoke Trundle

Plus, customers of Shopmobility Basingstoke get the opportunity to go on a ‘Trundle’. This is an organised trip from the office, lead by staff/volunteers which takes the customer outside of the shopping area and off to places they wouldn’t normally get to and sometimes don’t even know exist.

With weather permitting we will be organising up to 4 Trundles during 2022 – watch this space!

Shopmobility Basingstoke Trundle

Please contact us on 01256 476 066 to book your place. All of the excursions are of course subject to the weather conditions on the day.



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